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Renault 16 engine refurbishing sets

PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 10:15 am
by btb2000s
Dear R16 Fans!

I sell engine refurbishing sets for Renault 16. These packs contains follows for the defined engines: cylinders, pistons, piston rings,and gudgeons. 3 sets are avaliable. Products location: Hungary, Budapest
Pack 1: Floquet Monopole product, bore 76 mm, Price: 215 Euro
Pack 2: Alcan Nüral (OEM) product, bore 77 mm, Price: 215 Euro
Pack 3: Incomplete!!! This set contains only 2 cylinders, 2 pistons with piston rings & gudgeons, bore 76 mm, Alcan Nüral product, price: 50 Euro
Please write to me englsh only.