Magnus Bjelk, Malmö (Sweden)

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Magnus Bjelk, Malmö (Sweden)

Postby r16magnus » Sat Sep 24, 2005 9:32 am

Hi all!

I have always been in contact with R16's since the day I was brought home from the hospital where I was born in 1968 in my fathers Renault 16 -66.
This Renault 16 was then around everyday until 1984 when he decided it was time to get a new car. What about the old R16? Well, at this time I was closing in on the day when I could get my driving license so I bought it from him and I still own it today.

After driving it a couple of years I realized it was a unique car, to good to be used in every day traffic, so I bought a R16 TSA -75. Even though it was only 13 years old when I bought it, it had already started rusting, and this forced me to learn how to weld. This knowledge has then come to heavy use on various old Renaults I have owned.
But eventually there was too much rust so I had to scrap it in the early 1990's.

By this time I had gotten very interested in the Renault 15/17 model (I currently have one R17 TL -73 and a R15 TSA cabriolet -73) and this escalated to the point were I became the president of the Swedish Renault 15/17 club.

A few years went by when I only had one R16, the old -66, which was used very seldom. Then in 1999 a friend decided to sell his Renault 16 -68 and I grabbed the chance and bought it.
This brought on a Renault 16 interest which blew out of all proportions and resulted in my own Renault 16 Site on the internet.
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