My R 16 GLS 1965

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My R 16 GLS 1965

Postby Cor » Tue Apr 18, 2006 10:33 am


My details from My R16 GLS 1965.

Chassy number 0012
Coller 717
date 23-08 1965 ,registration in the Netherlands
numberplate EM-77-85
original Car witch was used as a introductioncar 1 0f the 150 cars.
The introductioncar was send to the dealers.
So mine was send to Cuyck.
The Dealer sold him to a doctor and later on he bought the car back.
the dealer keep the car until 1988.
The car came from de garage and sold to the man o bought him from.

What did I do :

I must put a good gearbox ( original run for 62.000 km )and brand new motor ( bought from W. Boer, NL)in it.
I am repaering the original ones in later stadium.
I do some little thinks also.
cleaning the motor compartiment.

So my car can drive around in Europe with no problems for lets say 20 Years.
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